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Churches and Television Masts as Direct Gateways to Human Consciousness

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I have heard an Estonian song (Tõnu Trubetsky) about Churches and television masts as direct gateways to human consciousness. Again, some day, after I have defended my Ph.D. Dissertation, I hope to write more about that. But meanwhile, I would put up some videos of my lectures at the Tallinn University as means of influencing consciousness. I […]

On New Forms of Governance in the EU, Social Exclusion, and Katyń

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I gave a lecture at the Tallinn University today on New Forms of Governance in the EU. I tried to discuss conferral of powers on the EU, the classes of powers that can be conferred, exercise of powers, sources of powers, limits to powers, the principle of subsidiarity, the principle of proportionality, state participation, comitology, enhanced […]


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Reading the news about the plane crash in Russia with the Polish elite on the plane, included President Lech Kaczyński, his wife, the former Polish president-in-exile Ryszard Kaczorowski, the Head of State Defence, the heads of all of Poland’s armed forces, the head of the National Security Bureau, the Ombudsman, the president of the Central Bank, […]

An Easter Monday Lecture (Updated)

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As it is not an official holiday in Estonia today, I am giving my second lecture-seminar on EU law at the Tallinn University. I hope to discuss the TEU, the TFEU, the economic policy, CFSP, ESDP, PJCC, the seven institutions and their composition, role, powers, voting mechanisms if applicable, as well as the role and […]

Commission Work Programme 2010

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On the 31st of March 2010 was published the Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament, the Council, the European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions – Commission Work Programme 2010. The document begins with indicating „The new era“, and the four main tasks for the new Commission: • Tackling […]

Maundy Thursday News on EU Law Developments

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The EU Law Blog informs about the new publication of the consolidated versions of the TEU and TFEU in the OJ, 2010 C 83, p. 1, and of also the consolidated version of the European Atomic Energy Community Treaty in the OJ 2010 C 84, p. 1. In addition, on 31 March 2010, the European […]

A Kind of a New Beginning – A New Course on EU Law

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Despite of all, the course “EU Law” begins today at the Tallinn University, stimulating the basic concepts and developments in the English language. Due to the Lisbon reform, there are only two main ”textbooks” for the course, in addition to the TFEU and TEU: ● Craig, Paul; De Búrca, Gráinne. EU Law. Text, Cases and Materials. […]

On Ancient Symbols

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I found this picture from the yesterday’s NYT. I am going to write some day what that picture reminds me. The Picture reminds me of a former priest in Tarvastu (Mustla) in Estonia, with whom I studied theology. She has lived her life in the most honest and ethical way one could imagine, honouring the inner values (and […]

Seminars on Non-Judicial Remedies

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I am going to conduct the 8th and 9th seminar under the course “Legal Remedies in Europe” on non-judicial remedies given by the European Commission in the areas of EU competition law (antitrust, mergers, cartels) and state aid law today evening at the University of Tartu. After these two seminars, we have only seven seminars […]

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