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About a venia legendi on New Belongings of Subjectivity and Lecture on Cosmopolitanism

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T. Autio. Subjectivity, curriculum and society: between and beyond German Didaktik and Anglo-American Curriculum Studies

Yesterday I participated in presentation of a venia legendi by professor Tero Autio: „Globalization, Curriculum, and New Belongings of Subjectivity“, and a scientific seminar by professor Roland Axtmann: „Cosmopolitanism as Political Philosophy and Social Theory“. Professor Tero Autio (professor at the University of Tampere, a candidate for the position of Professor of Theories of Curriculum […]

An Attempt to Escape (to the Middle East)

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What to do if desperately misunderstood, attacked and opposed by people? Escape from such people really feels as a good idea. Consequently, for general intelligence, educative, mental (and physical) wellbeing reasons, I organized myself an out-of-school visit to the United Arab Emirates. My first impressions? Well … I had heard about the economic leap, but […]

JCER No.4 Special Issue – Developments in EU-Asia Relations

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The Journal of Contemporary European Studies has published its 4th isssue on developments in EU-Asia relations. The number contains Editorial Foreword written by Maria Garcia: The Complex and Multifaceted Nature of EU-Asia Relations; six research articles: Michael Smith, Huaixian Xie, “The European Union and China: The Logics of ‘Strategic Partnership”, Pietro De Matteis, “EU-China Cooperation In […]

A new article in Riigikogu Toimetised No. 22, 2010

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The Estonian parliamentary journal Riigikogu Toimetised published my second article “Political Parties on European Level“. The article first defines political parties on European level, distinguishes political foundations on European level from those and introduces the legal basis of action of the named entities. Thereafter the article describes the work and history of political parties on […]

Two Lectures on Legal Remedies – on Concept of Legal Remedies and Their Place in the Framework of Private Actions at the CJEU

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This Friday (3 December 2010 at 10-13) I am reading two lectures on legal remedies in EU law to the Estonian lawyers at the National Library of Estonia (Main Conference Hall has been booked, although the topic is not that novel). As it could be useful to introduce the scientific  concept of remedies because the term […]

Book Review. Nicola Casarini. Remaking Global Order. Oxford University Press, 2010

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I recently wrote a book review: Nicola Casarini. Remaking Global Order. The Evolution of Europe-China Relations and its Implications for East Asia and the United States. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2010. Pp. 344. ISBN: 978-0-19-956007-3 As I am expecting the book review to be published (I myself would really more elaborate on the style of the review), […]

A New Article on Estonian Private Law Reforms in Nordic Journal of International Law

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Nordic Journal of International Law No. 4, 2010   has published Jaanika Erne’s article: “Political and Legal Problems Related to Estonian Private Law Reforms Prior to the Formal Statehood Period and during the Early Formal Statehood Period”, pp. 543.562. What is the article about? – The article is about some problems related to harmonization of Estonian private law prior […]

About Methodology of a Learning Object

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I just finished writing a methodology of a learning object “Protection of Human Rights in the CJEU”. Welcome are all suggestions for improvement! “The learning object forms part of the Faculty of Law’s course OIAO.07.052 “Protection of Human Rights under EU Law” and is addressed to undergraduate and graduate students from the University of Tartu […]

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