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Plans for the Appearing Fall

I revised my blogposts today, made some corrections and advancements to be prepared for introducing these posts to my new students, colleagues and friends. Why should I introduce my posts? – Because I believe that human beings are born to live in community, communication and sharing. I have heard that the Catholic Priests study the lives of saints in order to learn from mistakes, gain experience, and compare their lives with the lives of the others. From my side, I try to put up useful materials, links and ideas here. 

The first lectures that I am going to give this semester take place next Wednesday and Friday at  the Tallinn University in foundations of law. Reading Estonian State’s law not only helps me better connect international and EU law with internal law, but also better understand international and EU law that both have grown out of internal law. I also believe that in addition to the State’s law courses, and advanced legal remedies courses about specific application, I must start reading introductory courses in international and EU law, because one only masters the research areas one consistently works with. I do not wish to loose connection with the broader picture, although I like working with specific questions. 

I think that during the next days I am going to prepare myself for my first introductory lectures, and probably come back after my first class.

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