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E-Learning Modules and the New Website of the Academy of European Law

Source: Academy of European law website

Source: Academy of European Law website

Reading a reminder of the Academy of European Law course “Litigating European Community Law. Introductory Course”, taking place at Trier from 23 to 25 September 2009, I noticed the text: “Participants will also have the opportunity to prepare in advance for the seminar through an online e-learning course and to test their knowledge via the Academy of European Law website. The e-learning materials aim at providing the basics of the topic that the seminar will build on and thus ensure that all participants have a common basic level of knowledge before they start.“ Such method of learning is already quite wide-spread, and would ideally help prepare the participants to study or at least think of the discussion questions. (I am working with making my e-learning materials available in methodically “correct” way, both in form and content.)

The Cage of Freedom. Source: Academy of European Law Image Gallery

The Cage of Freedom. Source: Academy of European Law Image Gallery

In addition to receiving the materials ahead, the participants of the referred Academy’s course will have the opportunity to visit a hearing of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) – That way, the participants should get an approximate picture of the real work of the Court.

I have noticed that a judge from the ECJ and a representative of the Legal Service of the European Commission always attend such litigation courses at the Academy.

You may view the list of the Academy’s events at the Academy’s website, where you can also find the litigation course programme.

Porta Nigra. Source:

Porta Nigra. Source:

I have twice attended the Academy of European Law courses:

Seminar “EU Constitutional Law“, Trier 22-24 June 2005.

Seminar “Current Developments in Community Law“, Trier 9-10 May 2005.

I think that the courses were very professionally organized. And the participants were invited to a walking tour and dinner.  

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