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International Legal Theory Colloquium – What Is That?

I was just thinking that cannot something theoretically similar be held in Estonia:


“IILJ International Legal Theory Colloquium Spring 2010:
Global Governance

Benedict Kingsbury and Joseph Weiler

NYU Law School

Pollack Colloquium Room, Furman Hall 9th Floor, 245 Sullivan Street
Wednesdays 2pm-3.50pm

[student seminar also meets separately, Thursdays 4pm-5.50pm]


This scholarly Colloquium carried out each Spring examines major theoretical issues in international law. In Spring 2010, it focuses on global governance. Papers will be presented each week by leading scholars from around the world, who in 2009-10 are Fellows of NYU Law’s Straus Institute for the Advanced Study of Law and Justice. They include Grainne De Burca, Andrew Hurrell, Robert Keohane, Benedict Kingsbury, Jan Klabbers, David Kretzmer, Daryl Levinson, Gianluigi Palombella, Beth Simmons and Richard Stewart. Students are assigned to write three reaction papers which go to the speakers ahead of the public discussion sessions (Wednesdays 2pm-3.50pm), as well as completing a short related research paper by the end of the semester. Students also meet separately as a group in an intensive advanced international law seminar with the instructors (Thursdays 4pm-5.50pm). Some prior knowledge of international law or legal philosophy or international relations theory is essential”.

Concentric Circle. Source: Google images

Concentric Circle. Source: Google images

And then I started to think who should organize such events in our country. I thought that we actually do not have many people here who could do that, and that maybe some people are even expecting me to organize something like that. Then I thought why cannot I organize such events and haven’t done that? – The answer is: I have not had time for that. – Why haven´t I had time for that? Where do all my time and energy go? – They go to overcoming the basic everyday concerns (like having food) and … problems related to or caused by other people. And overcoming lack of trust and facilities, and lack of willingness and co-cooperativeness. And from my side, I am unable to forgive – How to improve all that? – I do not know. I have changed town now at least for some time. But I feel so exhausted by the past.


The other people probably have similar problems.

Still I know since childhood that usually there are no solutions coming from outside.  

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