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A Cocktail Party in Pocket …*

A new advertisement of an ICL international constitutional law event – The “24th IVR World Congress: Global Harmony and Rule of Law“ is taking place from September 15-20, 2009 in Beijing. The event is organized by the China Law Society in cooperation with the International Association for Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy.

Why do I put here up such advertisements, being aware of an average student’s financial situation? Well, first, one speaker in the plenary sessions is Robert Alexy, a well-known to Estonians law professor – a Special Issue of the Estonian Scientific Law Journal “Juridica was devoted to his research “Fundamental Rights in the Estonian Constitution”, in 2001.


Private Collection: CEU Summer School 2002

Private Collection: CEU Summer School 2002

Second, contemporary researchers can benefit of internet and have invaluable opportunity to be quickly informed about even the most recent research results in their research area – what until quite recently was only a dream. But people are willing to experience the world they live in, consequently combining studies and travelling is not such a bad idea (at least when nothing more useful could be done). When I participated in the 2002 Summer School “Managing Conflict and Fostering Democratic Dialogue“ on ADR methods at the Central European University in Budapest that was organized in cooperation with Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law (New York) and Hamline University School of Law (Minnesota), and in the 2006 Summer Seminar “Protection of Human Rights and Victims’ Rights” at the International Institute of Human Rights (IIDH) in Strasbourg, I noticed that American law schools practice participation in such events with students. – The both seminars’ programmes were very comprehensive and on high level of expertise, at the same time the students had the opportunity to see Europe in organized way.


* Sorry for “stealing” the heading of this post! 

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