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Increased Capacity to Decide on Admissibility and Merits of Applications

All my attention on the developments concerning the Treaty of Lisbon, I am now commenting the entry into force of Protocol No.14 bis to the European Convention on Human Rights on 1 October. Protocol No.14 bis introduces two procedures aimed at increasing the capacity of the judges of the European Court of Human Rights processing applications. Protocol No.14 bis is applied as a temporary measure until Protocol No.14 (enabling the accession of the EU to the ECHR) enters into force.



This week I have already assisted two seminars on foundations of law at the Tallinn University and am going to assist approximately ten more seminars on the same topic. I have never thought that one day I know everything, but it really is strange how much specialized terminology a person looses with time. With all those seminars I probably grasp the terminology again and can then think, whether and how to use it in my research activities.

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