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The European Dimension of Local Democracy

ELDW Source: CoE website

ELDW. Source: CoE website

The European Week of Local Democracy started on Monday 12 October.

● What is the European Week of Local Democracy (EWLD)? – This is a new annual European event, where national and local events are organized concurrently.

● What is the aim of such week? – One may read at the ELDW website that the aims are, for example, to raise European citizens’ awareness of how local authorities operate; to inform them of the opportunities available for taking part in decision-making at local level; to draw their attention to how crucial their participation in local affairs is; to raise local councillors’ and local civil servants’ awareness of democratic participation at local level and to enable them to meet citizens in an informal setting; to stress that local democracy is one of the common components for constructing a democratic Europe; to inform the public and elected representatives about Council of Europe’s role in this field, etc.

In the framework of the EWLD, the 17th Plenary Session of the Congress of Local and Regional Activities of the Council of Europe takes place in Strasbourg from 13 to 15 October 2009.

And I shall deliver eight lectures on fundamentals of law at Rakvere on 17 and 24 October (four lectures a day).

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