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The Broken Dance

Source: Google images

Source: Google images

Today (28th October), I am giving two lectures on Establishment (legal and case law developments) to lawyers at the National Library. During the first lecture, I have planned to give a general overview of the concept of establishment, its legislative basis and case law developments up to the case C‑531/06, Commission v. Italy, and joined cases C-171/07 and C-172/07, Apothekerkammer des Saarlandes and others. During the second lecture, I have planned to give an overview of the changes that the Lisbon Treaty brings into EU law generally and into the sector of establishment specifically, about the Services Directive 2006/123/EC  of the European Parliament and the Council of 12 December 2006 (that regulates also establishment), and about the cases C-345/05, Commission v. Portugal, C-341/05, Laval v. Svenska Byggnadsarbetareförbundet, Svenska Byggnadsarbetareförbundets avdelning 1, Byggettan and Svenska Elektrikerförbundet, and C-438/05, International Transport Workers’ Federation, Finnish Seamen’s Union v. Viking Line ABP, OÜ Viking Line Eesti.

I think that I try to develop some theoretical and critical thinking towards the case law, although this is again complicated, because the methods require some prior thinking based on the course materials, but I was not asked to deliver much written materials in advance. At least I have sent the numbers and names of the cases in advance.

After the lectures: I have nothing to add, except that first, lectures to practitioners do differ and must differ from academic lectures (because the practitioners frequently also face the question “How?”, not solely “Why?”), and second, before the lectures I thought that I cannot turn back.

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