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Happy Halloween!

Happy Helloween! Source: Google images

The Cheshire Cat's Happy Helloween! Source: Google images

You see a grin. The next moment it’s gone. Did the grin ever be there? Why was it there? How to understand the grin? How to measure it in order to understand it? Questions of that kind are difficult to answer in the absence of, for example, binding criteria for scientific choice, write Peter Machamer and Gereon Wolters in the book Science, Values and Objectivity, University of Pittsburgh Press, 2004 that inter alia asks, what are the criteria of a choice, the criteria and values that influence people’s decisions. The solutions offered are truth, objectivity, accuracy, consistency, honesty, social utility, etc., which all are too broad terms. Therefore, one could think that if s/he applies her/his values, understandings and rules towards the solution of a concrete problem, would the final result be the same, or depend on or reflect the approach used for its solution?

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