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On White Christmas and the Lost Reasons of Things

White Christmas. Source: Google images

White Christmas. Source: Google images

Connected to my last post – I was neutrally discussing the ECtHR’s judgment in the case Lautsi vs. Italy during my last Friday’s human rights lecture at the University of Tartu.  When discussing the judgment,  I started to think about the argument of democracy in it – Because it somehow feels as the ECtHR is shifting the responsibility for the judgment on people.

As one of my students is from the Ege University, Turkey, my next thought was, whether it could have been a politically declined judgment, paving the way for the accession to the EU of Turkey with all its religious symbols. 

Outside the university building the first snow appeared, and I started dreaming of the White Christmas.

Christmas in my mind always associates with Christmas carols. Somehow I started to think of pluralism in that context – Could it make any difference who translates Christmas carols, whether the public sector or the private sector.  Why? Because the European Commission is envisaging clear separation of public service activities and non-public service activities in all broadcasting activities. 

In 2007, the Commission produced a working paper on (all kind of) media pluralism, which stressed the need to ensure that citizens have access to a variety of information sources, allowing them to form opinions without “undue influence of one dominant opinion-forming player” that appeared in 2009. It seems that the Commission now delimits the study. 

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