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Pedagogy as a Universal Discipline?

Me at the 2003 CEU Summer University. Private Collection

Me at the CEU Summer University in 2002 on ADR Methods. Private Collection

Cognition, although determining the largest part of our lives, is an immeasurable category. Nevertheless, people use cognition as tool for transmission of knowledge.  Meaning that knowledge is transmitted from one generation /person (transmitter / teacher) to another (recipient / learner). 

If one understands pedagogy as:

● transmitting semantic knowledge by communication, or

● as a human-specific cognitive adaptation for cultural transmission, where the sources of knowledge are:

observed behaviour and interpretation of that behaviour according to the knowledge of the recipient, and


then one understands that the teacher and the learner need cognitive abilities in order to teach and learn. What are those cognitive abilities? You may wish to find the answer by watching the video lectures recorded at the Central European University‘s Summer School on Culture and Cognition at

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