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An Example of Individual Involvement in Broader Policy-making

A Flying Market Pegasus. Source: Google images

A Fly(ing) Market Pegasus. Source: Google images

Reading Grahnlaw, I found the last electronic number (56/2009/4) of the Single Market News.  

The number inter alia introduces the European Business Test Panel (EBTP), the aim of which Panel is to provide the European Commission with direct feedback from undertakings on Commission legislative proposals or initiatives likely to have an impact on businesses. That way, undertakings can participate in shaping their business environment. As examples are brought proposals dealing with the environment and environmental standards, working conditions, technical rules governing the distribution and marketing of specific products or financial services, etc.

The initiative is part of “Your Voice in Europe” – the European Commission’s policy-making initiative aiming at improving European governance and European regulation through active consultations, discussions, and other tools. This again is part of general individual involvement in broader EU policy-making.

Returning to the Newsletter, it in the end gives an overview of some recent cases brought before the Court of Justice of the EU by the European Commission against states under Article 258 of the TFEU (Infringement Proceedings). As examples are brought actions against Poland (Special rights granted to the State in certain companies), Germany (Waste disposal service contracts in Rostock), Spain (Modification of contracts after award), and Belgium (Supplementary health insurance provided by private sickness funds). The Newsletter kindly asks the readers to look for more information on infringement proceedings relating to the internal market at:

The latest information on infringement proceedings concerning all Member States is available at:

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