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Head uut aastat!


Source: Spiegel online

Source: Spiegel online

The regrets:

If I had to apologize before someone, that person would be my Father Jaan. Who has been a honest and hardly working man through his entire life. Who has always supported his family and hoped for the best. And who, by now, has been almost destroyed by my problems. It is too late to apologize before him, because my problems have lasted for the time too long.


The wishes:

I started to think that as God (in the sense of objectivity, or objective science) has been removed from politics, people tend to take the drugs that a government (regional or a more global one) allows, as well as consume allowed by a government nicotine and alcohol, buy the water, whiches consistency is determined by law, and eat unsaturated fats, unless prohibited by law. One may say that people have choice, but one needs a measure for choosing. What is our measure – If the God is dead?

My wish for the New Year is – Let us not become tired of searching for such measure (with the governments, of’course)!

/The assumption behind: – There is a permanent idea of law that continues through succession of generations and civilized societies, and survives any distortion of it (M. Tebbit)./


The pomises:

● To be a better person;

● To become more professional;

● Not to smoke;

● Not to eat and drink excessively;

● Not to listen to certain music;

● Not to read certain texts.

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