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Exercise of Powers under Global Governance

Source: Google

Source: Google

It could occasionally be useful to see, what are the interests of other leading research centres at other universities.

The New York University School of Law Institute for International Law and Justice holds Spring 2010 International Legal Theory Colloquium on “The Turn to Governance: The Exercise of Power in the International Public Space“:

  • January 20: Andrew Hurrell (Oxford Univ.), Regional Powers in Global Order
  • January 27: Richard Stewart (New York Univ. – Law), The World Trade Organization and Global Administrative Law
  • February 3: Robert Keohane (Princeton Univ.), The Regime Complex for Climate Change (paper with David Victor, Univ. of California, San Diego)
  • February 10: Jan Klabbers (Univ. of Helsinki), Controlling International Bureaucracies
  • February 24: Gianluigi Palombella (European Univ. Institute), Rule of Law in Extra-National Governance
  • March 3: Joseph Weiler (New York Univ. – Law), On the Distinction between Values and Virtues (and Vices) in European Integration
  • March 10: David Kretzmer (Hebrew Univ.), State Reports to the UN Human Rights Committee
  • March 24: Marta Cartabia (Univ. of Milan), Rights in Europe
  • April 7: Grainne de Burca (Fordham Univ. – Law), EU External Relations: Foreign Policy or Governance?
  • April 14: Beth Simmons (Harvard Univ. – Government), Effects of Investor-State Treaty Regimes and Arbitral Processes
  • April 15: Daryl Levinson (Harvard Univ. – Law), Public Law: Constitutional and International
  • April 21: Benedict Kingsbury (New York Univ. – Law), Techniques of Global Governance

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