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On the Role of Scholars and European Company Law

Estonian national values. Source: The Estonian National Library’s souvenir shop

Estonian national values. Source: The Estonian National Library’s souvenir shop

I have revived the new semester’s kick off, and had time to think of the role of practitioners and academicians, in connection with my previous posting, and previously worded thoughts about participation of academicians in the events organized by EIPA, ERA, etc. that are primarily directed towards the practising lawyers.

On one hand – it is highly expected that an academician links his /her study results to practice in his /her research area. On other hand, there is little or no use of practice if the foundations have not been well thought through and well-established. Therefore, the society (included the practitioners) is waiting and has the right to expect the use of well elaborated on concepts, based on the scientific results of academic works. The researchers are  therefore expected to primarily analyse the scientific sources.  So that the practitioners could well build on academic research results. To avoid the situations, where neither the academicians nor practitioners know exactly the actual basis or meaning of what they are doing, or the situations, where the scholars lead the practitioners the wrong way, etc. The same principles apply towards law, included different sectors of EU law.

I nevertheless put up here two new advertisements addressed to practitioners mostly:

The Annual Conference on European Company Law 2010 that takes place from 22nd to 23rd March 2010 in Trier.

The objective of this conference is to meet the requirements of company law specialists to stay informed on the latest developments in legislation, jurisprudence and best practice in this field.
The key topics include:

  • the most recent European Commission initiatives in company law;
  • corporate governance and compliance in the current economic context;
  • a review of the experience with the European Company (SE);
  • the state of play of the European Private Company (SPE) statute;
  • the consequences of the Cartesio ruling (C-210/06) as the latest episode in the Centros-Überseering saga;
  • an overview of the EU company law tools available for a transfer of seat.“

Perhaps a more academic event could be the Academy’s Summer Course on European Company Law that takes place from 14th to 16th June in Trier.

„This course will provide participants with an introduction to the principles and framework of European company law, including:

  • the formation of different types of companies,
  • corporate governance and management options,
  • capital requirements,
  • shareholders’ rights,
  • insolvency,
  • corporate restructuring and mobility,
  • the characteristics of transnational financial vehicles.

The course will also give an overview of the current challenges, the latest legislative proposals and the most relevant ECJ case law.

Participants will have the opportunity to prepare in advance through an e-learning course via the ERA website, and to deepen their knowledge through case-studies and workshops during the summer course.“

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