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Seminars on Non-Judicial Remedies

Estonian national doll before Friday. Source: Google images

Estonian national doll before Friday. Source: Google images

I am going to conduct the 8th and 9th seminar under the course “Legal Remedies in Europe” on non-judicial remedies given by the European Commission in the areas of EU competition law (antitrust, mergers, cartels) and state aid law today evening at the University of Tartu. After these two seminars, we have only seven seminars left, therefore I considered it necessary to reflect upon the things that we have learned so far. For me, the most important achievement during this semester concerning the course has been the identification and classification of the concrete remedies instead of understanding and explaining the procedures and practices mostly. That way, it is possible to theoretically move backwards – from remedy towards the procedure for obtaining it, and to the relevant practical examples. Beginning from this semester, 70 % of the course has moved to the University’s e-learning environment. As for the students, most of them have actively participated in the seminars, that has made me thought, whether I should change the course more precise and the requirements more sophisticated.

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