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On Ancient Symbols

NYT Published: March 22, 2010 by PETER SCHNEIDER

NYT Published: March 22, 2010 by PETER SCHNEIDER

I found this picture from the yesterday’s NYT. I am going to write some day what that picture reminds me.

The Picture reminds me of a former priest in Tarvastu (Mustla) in Estonia, with whom I studied theology. She has lived her life in the most honest and ethical way one could imagine, honouring the inner values (and she has helped people). One may argue that honesty, ethics, fairness, inner values, love, and humanity are just not enough to survive. Then again, I would remind the words of another former woman priest candidate, Heidi – If those values are not important, I would prefer not to survive. Paradoxically, both have survived, but not within the church …

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