Jaanika Erne |

Reading the news about the plane crash in Russia with the Polish elite on the plane, included President Lech Kaczyński, his wife, the former Polish president-in-exile Ryszard Kaczorowski, the Head of State Defence, the heads of all of Poland’s armed forces, the head of the National Security Bureau, the Ombudsman, the president of the Central Bank, the commissioner for civil rights protection, the head of the president’s chancellery, the deputy speaker of Poland’s parliament, the MEPs, other high representatives of state and government (allegedly a tenth of the state’s top leadership), and reading that the receiving Smolensk Airport  f o u r  t i m e s  refused the aeroplane the permission to land, and coming from the Soviet era, the first thing that came to my (damaged by past) mind was – It smells like a coup d’etat.

That thought was supported by the info about the plane being a Tupolev Tu-154, designed by the Soviets in the mid-1960s, requiring Soviet reparation skills, and irreparably outdated even without those skills. How could the state officials not foresee that it was dangerous to use such an old plane? At least why were all such strategically important persons put on one aeroplane? Could the Smolensk airport act with internal or external assistance? Could the new state – in order to become stronger – pave its way reflecting the methods used for such purposes from the very ancient times (if one reads the Bible, the Acta is full of that – of only power struggles of the human nature). (Politically, it is very convenient – Russia automatically starts defending itself, and no-one investigates further.)

Setting my personal thoughts aside – The Polish plane crash has been a terrible accident with almost unbelievable consequences. At least a  r e a s o n a b l e  state or international organization can never put almost all of its strategic persons on one (outdated) technical facility. If one acts unreasonably, one cannot blame others in asking for the reasons of unreasonable action.

F.: As a lawyer and scientist, I do not support speculations with consequences of serious tragedies, imagine someone provoking an armed conflict between the EU and Russia with Katyń, Jerzy Buzek being the President of the European Parliament, and the plane crash having killed almost 10 per cent of the Polish elite. RIP.