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Ralf Grahn refers in his blog to the UK House of Commons Library Note: The European Union: a guide to terminology, procedures and sources (Standard Note SN/IA/3689; last updated 24 March 2010; 14 pages; authors Vaughne Miller and Emma Clark):

In addition to answering the questions, EC or EU law? Treaty of Rome or Treaty of Lisbon? First, Second or Third Pillar? Acquis Communautaire? Court of Justice or Court of Human Rights?, the Note clarifies some of the terminology used to describe the institutions, laws and procedures of the EU, and provides links to useful sources of information on the EU.

One Response to ECJ or CJEU?

  1. avatar Ralf Grahn says:


    The Standard Note SN/IA/3689 could become even better, if various people take a closer look and offer comments on the text to the authors.

    But for all of us who read British media reports and opinions (especially tabloids), the Library Note performs a huge public service, if it manages to lessen the amount of distorted terminology in the UK debate on the EU, something our fellow blogger Nosemonkey has valiantly tried to do.

    Making the distinctions between the Council of Europe (CoE) and the European Union (EU) would be a good start, followed by the difference between the European Courts…

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