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Governance in European Legal Education with the Help of E-learning Facilities

E-learning development has been actual in Estonia during the last years. E-learning works through different educational levels and for teaching different subjects. E-learning facilitates distance learning and multi-level communication among the teachers and learners of a certain subject (that way even coordination of the work of thematic networks is possible, as indicated in the Strategy of the Estonian e-Learning Development Centre 2007-2012). My study materials for teaching EU law have been electronically available in different e-learning environments since 2005, but this spring term, for the first time, my lectures were video recorded.

And now, my entire course in EU Law (that was conducted in English) is accessible with links to the videos and other study materials in the Repository of the Estonian e-Learning Development Centre. I can now see my basic mistakes and learn from those mistakes. I can also compare my lectures with the lectures available under MIT open courseware, or the open courses at Yale University. That way I can improve my presentation skills, but I also have to work with my course materials.

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