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A new article in Thesaurus Acroasium Vol. XXXIII

Thesaurus Acroasium. Vol. XXXIIITo my mind, I have been subject to the greatest honour imaginable in my academic life – one of my articles “Role of regional organisations concerning challenges to peace and security in the new millennium – The European perspectives” was published in Thesaurus Acroasium, Vol. XXXIII “International Challenges to Peace and Security in the New Millennium”. Thesaurus Acroasium is one series of publications of the Institute of International Public Law and International Relations of Thessaloniki, containing texts of the lectures delivered during the annual sessions of courses organized by the Institute, and research papers by participants in these courses. The specific number is dedicated to the 30th Annual Session of the Institute that took place in 2002. My tutor was Dr. Javaid Rehman who at that time was a researcher in the University of Manchester.

The article is about the role of regionalism in the context of globalization. Globalization – being a fashionable word in contemporary political and academic discourse, sometimes seems to forget the importance of local dimensions as parts of global networks. The author of the article ideally sees the UN as an attempt of impartial (in the sense of the whole mankind’s interest / global governance) centralized coordination of maintenance of peace and security by regional organizations and arrangements that all could that way be visualized as a wide networking structure. The article, thus, tries to assess, whether regionalism is a good solution for imposing and developing the international legal order in the context of globalization, and through which mechanisms could regionalism become part of the global networking. The article focuses on the status of the EU in the context of maintenance of peace and security, asking whether the EU is an independent actor with this regard, or does it fit in coordinated networking – could the EU, for example, qualify as a regional arrangement under Chapter VIII of the Charter of the UN.

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