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How does Estonia look like in midsummer?

How does Estonia look like in midsummer? I recently did find the nicest photos about that from one of Evelin Ilves’, the Estonian President’s  wife’s, web pages. As it was technically impossible to refer to that website otherwise, I have made a link to that web page:!/album.php?aid=18620&id=119700418047863&ref=mf

Unfortunately, You may first be required to log in to Facebook (after logging in You may have to come back here and click on the link afore again) in order to see the photos, but they really are worth seeing.

Specific information about Estonian midsummer celebrations can be found at

One Response to How does Estonia look like in midsummer?

  1. avatar Giorgi says:

    Beautiful nation! Beautiful country!

    Elagu Eesti!

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