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European e-justice

Sometimes I think that God really loves me. Why? This time the thought came, because having dealt with mostly the related to the CJEU, bordering with the following substantial issues in my Ph.D. Dissertation, I was persuaded in adding some more procedural issues to my work. Instead I just took time for a week to read and mediate. And today I heard the news about the European e-justice portal having been opened at containing links to EU, Member States’, and international case law; EU courts; organization of justice at Member State level; legal professions; justice networks (European Judicial Network, Eurojust); justice forum; going to court; legal aid; cross-border monetary claims (European Payment Order, Small Claims procedure, insolvency); enforcement of judgments (in a Member State, in another Member State, European Enforcement Order); mediation; cooperation in civil matters; cooperation in criminal matters; registers (of lawyers, notaries, legal translators, mediators, business); judicial training, etc. Which means that there is no need to just rewrite that useful information. Which does not mean that proceural aspects are not useful or cannot be researched, but one just cannot produce high quality research on all procedural aspects in one work.

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