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Questionnaire for the COSAC 14th Report

The questionnaire for the COSAC 14th Report is also available. Some questions seem quite difficult to answer, and they generally touch the following areas:

● Sustainable development in the EUROPE 2020 Strategy (worked out in collaboration with the Belgian Federal Council on Sustainable Development);

● Parliamentary Scrutiny of the Common Security and Defence Policy;

● The future role of COSAC after the entry into force of the Treaty of Lisbon – Continuation of the debate of the XLIII COSAC meeting.

Some examples:

Question 1.3.1. Does your Parliament/Chamber think that the decision-making process, linked to the EUROPE 2020 Strategy, is sufficiently stringent for the Member States and that the oversight by the national and, if applicable, regional Parliaments is sufficiently assured?

Question 1.3.5. In which way national Parliaments/Chambers may contribute to strengthening the sustainable development aspect of the EUROPE 2020 Strategy?

Question 2.1. Does your Parliament/Chamber believe that an interparliamentary exchange on CFSP and CSDP is useful and helpful to improve parliamentary scrutiny at a national and/or European level?

Question 2.2. Does your Parliament/Chamber consider that interparliamentary scrutiny at EU level should cover both CSFP and CSDP or CSDP only?

Question 3.4. Does your Parliament/Chamber consider it acceptable to invite keynote speakers from outside the European Union (e.g. the NATO Secretary General, the U.S. Ambassador, etc.) to address COSAC on CFSP and/or CSDP?

The 14th bi-annual report will be presented at the XLIV COSAC meeting in Brussels from 24 to 26 October 2010.

And: I just discovered that when the EU legal acts, and COM-documents are available in the official languages of all Member States, the policy documents are rather available in English and French only.

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