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An Attempt to Escape (to the Middle East)

Sheikh Zayed Mosque. Abu Dhabi

What to do if desperately misunderstood, attacked and opposed by people? Escape from such people really feels as a good idea. Consequently, for general intelligence, educative, mental (and physical) wellbeing reasons, I organized myself an out-of-school visit to the United Arab Emirates. My first impressions? Well … I had heard about the economic leap, but I did not expect such a number of skyscrapers, the 52 kilometres long metro guided by computers (opened in 2009 and finished up in 2010), the tallest building in the world – the Khalif’s Tower (Burj Khalif) opened in 2009 with the height of 828 metres, in Dubai. Having seen the tallest building in Dubai in 1990s (S), I understand that the vast contemporary developments have taken place during only the last 20 years here. It all shows the achievement of contemporary manpower. My first questions (knowing not much about about US military internest and balancing in the region)? – “How much is it Leviathan?” “How much does God live in it?” “Why here?”

In other words – this all has made me thought, first, how can it all have been possible; and second, has this been the wisest use of money / resources. The skyscrapers have really quickly grown out of nowhere and I really hope that the religious people here have thought and prayed before and during constructing and building them, so that they do not disappear nowhere as quickly as they have appeared from nowhere. Have all the ideas grown out of science and roots (of human history) or has the Arab nature (that naturally loves luxury and praizing – “you are the best / the first”) been used by the Western architects, etc. advisers who on the one hand are interested in just realizing their ambitions, and on the other hand would just somewhere test how their ideas work, before … .

What has happened with the buildings after 20 years, 50 years, 100 years – can our children (if any) enjoy those?

For the contrast, I yesterday visited the ethnographic village of the Emirates with live animals in it and workshops introducing the work of the local historic carpenters and other craftsmen, at Abu Dhabi. On the road to Abu Dhabi, I saw how carefully people have placed waterwires to each tree on the highway. And I noticed no wires for electricity transmission on ground between the street lamps. This does also in a good way demonstrate the manpower. I am not against it, I am not against development, but I now also pray that the contemporary developments base on the really wise historical developments. To last.

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