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AmCham EU and the Global Think Tanks

Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs, Olli Rehn, stated in his speech responding Daniel Hamilton’s report “Europe 2020: Competitive or Complacent?” about Europe’s place and standing in the global economy and formidable challenges Europe is facing: “I’m confident that 2011 can be made the year of reform and revival”. Referring to Europe 2020 priorities, Olli Rehn lists the most important actions under the Single Market as: full implementation of the Services Directive, completing a European framework for intellectual property, rapid and interoperable standard-setting including in ICT, removing tax disincentives for trade or investment. As for the global perspective, Olli Rehn names multilateralism, G20 cooperation, and full implementation of the Action Plan agreed at the Seoul G20 Summit 2010. The Report itself sees as a priority for the EU “becoming a critical hub within the G20”, meaning leveraging high-growth opportunities in emerging markets and re-engaging in neglected markets – Turkey, Africa and Latin America. “The more connected the EU is, the more competitive it is likely to be.” Referring EurActiv, “connected” means the great potential of wider Europe — meaning: “China next door, a region stretching from North Africa across the Mediterranean, up through Turkey, and into Eastern Europe to Russia.”

As Daniel Hamilton’s (Director of the Center of the Transatlantic Relations at Johns Hopkins University) study was launched by the American Chamber of Commerce to EU, I started to further investigate what is the American Chamber of Commerce to the EU, and found out that it is not solely concentrating on American business in Europe, but also to certain extent on security and defence.

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