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“Happy Passover, Israel!”

I am trying to politically and ideologically analyse how could the Israelis understand the wish: “Happy Passover!”

The wish “Happy passover” clearly reminds the Israelis their Exodus – when on the one hand the ancient Israelis were freed from slavery in Egypt (Exodus, Chapter 12), but on the other hand they were sent out of Egypt – the area they inhabited. And I have heard the theologians discussing the question – is it something to cheer about as people were freed from slavery, or was it a kind of deportation under Moses’ guidance of the people from the land they lived, over the Sinai to the opposite side?

Such thoughts have guided me to think about three questions: where is the home for the Jewish people; what is the relation between the Israelis and the Egyptians (who was there before?), and what is the relation between the Israelis and all the Arabs generally – unfortunately describable as Arab-Israeli conflict, in the framework of which conflict one can distinguish the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

On Thursday was reported that the White House has been working on a new peace initiative including four terms of reference: Israel’s acceptance of a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders; Palestinian acceptance that there would be no right to return to Israeli land; Jerusalem as the capital of both states; and the protection of Israel’s security needs.

Turkish President Abdullah Gul offered to serve as a mediator in Palestinian-Israeli negotiations with the view that: “Israel cannot afford to be perceived as an apartheid island surrounded by an Arab sea of anger and hostility”.


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