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Opening Internal Market to the Islamic Market? Step-by-Step?

“Genocide in the Middle East ..." Source:

“Genocide in the Middle East ..." Source:

I think that many political and security problems would be solved in the world if Enlargement and Neighbourhood Commissioner Štefan Füle’s words: “European Union should offer its southern neighbours the chance to participate in its single market and join the European Economic Area” (referred by Euractiv) would come true. When I look at the Motion for the Resolution on Southern Dimension and Joint Communication on the Southern Mediterranean, I see references to Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Occupied Palestinian Territory, Syria, and Tunisia as part of the EU’s Southern Dimension, which still means that unfortunately first, the whole Islamic market (define Islamic market!) will not that soon be open, and second, of the Basin Countries I do not see Israel and Turkey here. With regard to Turkey I still have the hope that it accedes to the EU. And for me – idealistically I would see the whole Islamic market being eventually open to the internal market and vice versa, solving even more World’s political and economic problems.

Today I happened to read an introduction to a newly published book: “Genocide in the Middle East. The Ottoman Empire, Iraq, and Sudan”, by Hannibal Travis from Florida International University College of Law. Starting with remote history, this book comes up to the threat of nuclear war in South Asia, Gulf War III and genocide in occupied Iraq, but the book is not – as you may at your fist glimpse think – talking about the United States’ and Europe’s genocide toward the Middle East, but it instead talks about how the ME countries have fought against and among each other. Thus for me the book seems being a kind of propaganda justifying Western interventions in ME States rather than addressing broader geostrategic problems.

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