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Le Roi est mort, vive le Roi (I did not mean it personally ..)

Half dead half alive I am back home and to daily Internet access, and today also celebrates the first day of the Polish EU presidency at the time Jerzy Buzek being the president of the European Parliament and Janusz Lewandowski the commissioner for financial programming and budget.

What kind of challenges does the new presidency face? – Change of the understanding of the welfare state, achievement of economic growth, focusing on international situation (for example, Eurobserver writes that Poland has promised to use her knowledge of her 1989 revolution against Communism to help spread democracy in the Arab world, is trying to craft a long-term “complex strategy” for EU relations with the Arab world – the latter from the angle containing “mechanisms to support persecuted minorities, including Christians”) and greater economic integration. Poland considers that the three priorities of the EU are: EU integration, secure Europe, and openness.

At the same time, Poland sees the Cohesion Policy, CAP, and the programme for financing research and innovation, funds for culture and media, the construction of trans-European networks, as the most important policies of the EU, and the Single Market as the most important project of the EU. See the Programme of the Polish Presidency and the calendar of ministerial meetings at

The document inter alia refers to the “28 legal regime”; “SMEs in third country markets”; SIMFO; “Europe’s intellectual capital”; the Frontex Regulation; working out of the agenda of the WTO’s 8 Conference in December 2011; preparation of the UN Conference on Sustainable Development; the next Multiannual Financial Framework; EUSBSR; the Baltic Development Forum; the European Statistical Programme 2013-2017; the “Weimar Letter”; the 4th High-Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness; the European Development Days; the European Voluntary Humanitarian Aid Corps; EU GSP, revision of the European System of National and Regional Accounts;  IMI; revision of the TEN-T guidelines; Maritime Social Agenda Package; Airport Package; RSPP; REMIT; EU-US Energy Star Agreement; Multi-Annual Work Programme of the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights; the European Pact against Synthetic Drugs; evaluation of the EU Anti-Drugs Strategy; evaluation of the CATS and SCIFA Committees; development of institutional mechanisms btw. CSDP and JHA (incl. COSI and PSC); EU TFTP; 10th anniversary of the WTC terrorist attacks; CBRN security; GAM, “smart borders”; amendments to the Schengen Border Code; SIS II; amendments to the Brussels I Regulation on the rules governing jurisdiction; recognition of judgments and their enforcement in the majority of civil and commercial cases; ECRIS; reform of the Common Fisheries Policy; 2012 fishing quotas for the Baltic Sea, the Black Sea, and in other deep waters; new EU Plant Health safety; the Forest Europe; new Consumer Policy Strategy; green economy; preparations for the 2012 Earth Summit; Biocidal Products Regulation; WEEE Directive; modernization of universities.               

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