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How History Treats You – The Rise and Fall of Leaders

The 20th of October 2011 will be remembered as the beginning of the Third Industrial Revolution – the day before the day of launching the two first Galileo satellites but also as the day of Muammar Gathafi’s execution. Now when the Coalition forces have destroyed Gathafi the primary task of policy analysts is to ask how to go further from here with the survivors (and the answer to this question lies in seeing and understanding common ideological features of religions to be less manipulative and more alike). For me, also important questions are related to history, its interpretation and how policy makes history. Similarily, as in the case of China, common people are told about human rights infringements by the executed leaders or something similar, consequently of the death of the tyrant and human rifgts violator. Some political scientists still go further and ask for the real reasons of attacking the King of the Kings of (the United States of) Africa. According to the BBC, Gathafi proposed “a single African military force, a single currency and a single passport for Africans to move freely around the continent”. As for ideologies, as a leader of a State, Gathafi has been engaged in working out the Third International Theory (reflected in the famous from the news Green Book) allegedly basing on the writings of anarchist (anarchism has also influenced Chinese philosophy) philosophy combined with Islam – thus having been characterized as promoter of Islamic socialism parallelly with suppressing individualism – not recognizing individual as bearer of democracy which understanding begs for ideological criticism, still not for execution. In the light of the shift in economic balance of the world – do we face economic terrorism? People talk about single African Gold Dinar, etc. that would rival the euro and dollar. What can you do with gold and economic power? Enjoy luxury and heritage of mankind or gain nuclear power? In addition to supporting pan-African development, like Gamal Abdel Nasser Hussein, the second President of Egypt, Gathafi supported pan-Arabism, wishing to unite the Arabs. Will the death now force Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad and Yemen’s leader Ali Abdullah Saleh to think? And personally I cannot escape from thinking of Iran in this context.

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