Baltic Yearbook of International Law, Volume 17 (2017/2018), Issue 1

Jaanika Erne |

A new issue of The Baltic Yearbook of International Law – Volume 17 (2017/2018) 1, has been recently published. The number contains the articles:
Hent Kalmo, „Principles and Pragmatism in State Succession: Bargaining in the Economic Affairs Commission of the Tartu Peace Conference“, pp. 1–23
Jaanika Erne, „On the Borders of Law, History and Politics: Estonian Statesman Jüri Jaakson’s Views and Life in Context“, pp. 24–38 [For years I was determined to devote an article to my Dad and I expected this article to be published by his 85th birthday that was expected to take place on November 30, 2019. History went differently.
This article, too, while focusing on the life and work of the Estonian politician and Statesman Jüri Jaakson (1870–1942), gives an overview of the changing and contingent contexts that influence the formation of law. Methodologically this article is an attempt to connect legal research with a conceptual history analysis.]
Rytis Satkauskas, „One Hundred Years of Faith: The Baltic States’ Contribution to International Justice“, pp. 39–59
Gabriela Belova and Nikolay Marin, „A Century of the Baltic States’ Independence: Some Similarities and Differences with Bulgaria“, pp. 60–76
Lauri Hannikainen, „Finland’s Continuation War (1941–1944): War of Aggression or Defence? War of Alliance or Separate War? Analyzed from the International – Especially Legal – Perspective“, pp. 77–121
Andres Parmas, „Application of Domestic Criminal Statutes in regard to International Crimes“, pp. 122–142
Ineta Ziemele, „Case Law of the European Court of Human Rights as a Source of Human Rights Law“, pp. 143–165
Ozlem Ulgen, „Human Dignity in an Age of Autonomous Weapons: Are We in Danger of Losing an ‘Elementary Consideration of Humanity’?“, pp. 167–196
Marion Blondel, „Vulnerability as a Virtue: An Attempt to Transpose the Care Ethic in International Law“, pp. 197–221
„Republic of Estonia Materials on International Law 2016“, pp. 223–290
„Republic of Latvia Materials on International Law 2016“, pp. 291–333
„Republic of Lithuania Materials on International Law 2017“, pp. 334–494
Preliminary Materials by the Editors of the Baltic Yearbook of International Law Online, pp. I–XII

About the journal:

The Baltic Yearbook of International Law, whiches 1st Volume appeared in the year of 2001, is a legal journal attempting to bring the issues important for the Baltic States to the international debate. The 1st Volume discussed the international legal status of the Baltic States.
The Baltic Yearbook of International Law contains State practice reports from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, constituting an important source of international law information not available elsewhere.