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On the Cost of Peace

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When I attended the course “United Nations and International Law”, read by Lauri Mälksoo at the University of Tartu, we were shown a film about international conflict resolution, the UN, and the global politics. Unfortunately, I do not remember the name of the film, although I believe that it is quite a well-known one. Though cluster bombs were not […]

On WTO-related Academic Governance

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I am not fully competent to estimate, whether Estonia could have benefited by participation in the particular programme introduced followingly, but it is obvious that the research involving categories of economics (included dissertations on EU competition law, two of which  I have supervised in the University of Tartu that mostly have reflected the facts, case-law, and the Estonian State […]

An Example of Individual Involvement in Broader Policy-making

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Reading Grahnlaw, I found the last electronic number (56/2009/4) of the Single Market News.   The number inter alia introduces the European Business Test Panel (EBTP), the aim of which Panel is to provide the European Commission with direct feedback from undertakings on Commission legislative proposals or initiatives likely to have an impact on businesses. That […]

Liability under EU Law of the Supervisory Authorities for Losses Resulting from Defective Supervision

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This Monday, I continued with my EU Law course with a lecture on Free Movement of Capital and the euro, at the Tallinn University. Preparing for the lecture, I found (There is no better way of studying than teaching!) an interesting, though perhaps not the freshest, case from my King’s College study materials – Case C-222/02 Peter […]

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