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On Alternative(s) to Neoliberal Globalization

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On Alternative(s) to Neoliberal Globalization From 17 to 19 June 2015, I attended the 14th Annual Conference of the International Social Theory Consortium (ISTC) “Reconstructing Social Theory, History and Practice” at the University of Cambridge, with presentation “On Alternative(s) to Neoliberal Globalization” on the 17th of June 2015. First, the ISTC conference was about reconstruction, […]

Problem-Based Learning Methods in Remedies Classes

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Yesterday (Saturday), I participated with a presentation „Problem-Based Learning Methods in Remedies Classes“ in a seminar: „Materials of Legal Practice as Research Objects – Methodologies and Problems“ at the University of Tartu. The outline of my presentation: What is Problem-Based Learning (PBL)? What are PBL-methods? What PBL-methods have I used in Remedies classes? Why have […]

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Governance in European Legal Education with the Help of E-learning Facilities

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E-learning development has been actual in Estonia during the last years. E-learning works through different educational levels and for teaching different subjects. E-learning facilitates distance learning and multi-level communication among the teachers and learners of a certain subject (that way even coordination of the work of thematic networks is possible, as indicated in the Strategy […]

A Kind of a New Beginning – A New Course on EU Law

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Despite of all, the course “EU Law” begins today at the Tallinn University, stimulating the basic concepts and developments in the English language. Due to the Lisbon reform, there are only two main “textbooks” for the course, in addition to the TFEU and TEU: ● Craig, Paul; De Búrca, Gráinne. EU Law. Text, Cases and Materials. […]

Academic Writing Conference in Israel

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Tel Aviv. Source: Legal Writing Professors Blog

I found the following advertisement from the Legal Writing Professors Blog: „Israel’s first international conference on academic writing, Academic Writing and Beyond in Multicultural Societies, takes place from July 28 to 29, 2010, organized by The Israel Forum for Academic Writing (IFAW) and the Institute of Research, Curriculum and Program Development for Teacher Education (known by […]

On Grading Principles

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I passed my final Ph.D. examination the day before the day before yesterday. The result was “Very good”. Today I was grading the Tallinn University students’ examination papers. And I felt somehow obliged to revisit the grading principles.  I am revisiting those principles now and try to resume later. It all begins with understanding why do we grade […]

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Study Process in Action

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It  w a s  in the year of 2002, at the time, for example, fixed in the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, when I still hopefully faced the future. And thereafter, in 2003, 2004 … Quite accidentally, I today started to read the Compendium on Issues on Study Design, composed by Petri Nokelainen (University of Tampere; Tallinn University of Technology). […]

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Pedagogy as a Universal Discipline?

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Cognition, although determining the largest part of our lives, is an immeasurable category. Nevertheless, people use cognition as tool for transmission of knowledge.  Meaning that knowledge is transmitted from one generation /person (transmitter / teacher) to another (recipient / learner).  If one understands pedagogy as: ● transmitting semantic knowledge by communication, or ● as a […]

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A Judgment against Global Consciousness?

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The 3rd November 2009 goes to history also because, the ECtHR solved the case Lautsi vs. Italy. What was the case about? – The ECtHR ruled that the display of the crucifix in an Italian State school was contrary to parents’ right to educate their children in line with their convictions and to childrens’ right […]

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