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Teaching For Quality Learning at University

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I participated in the fist lectures of the course „Problem-Based Learning in University“, given by Einike Pilli at the University of Tartu, today. It was real fun to participate as a receiver in a learning process over a long time. What is problem-based learning (PBL)? J. S. Savery defines PBL as „An instructional (and curricular) learner-cantered approach […]

Is High Speed Internet Connection a Right or Human Right?

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States have not or have differently regulated the right to Internet access. The Christian Science Monitor at states about Estonia that the State has made Internet access a human right. Wikipedia writes that also France, Greece and Finland have made Internet access a human right. While also the United Nations supports making Internet Access […]

European Week of Regions and Cities Ahead

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European Week of Regions and Cities takes place from 5 to 8 October 2009 at Brussels. The programme and themes are available at Yesterday I read four lectures on fundamentals of law to the Political Governance students of the Tallinn University at Rakvere. The lectures took place in a cosy lecture room at the […]

„The ultimate globalization of international law education“

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The Codification Division of the Office of Legal Affairs of the United Nations, the international law scholars and practitioners (included our Rein Müllerson), States, institutions and other individuals have opened the Audiovisual Library of International Law. The Director of the Codification Division, Office of Legal Affairs, Ms. Mahnoush H. Arsanjani introduces the library as consisting […]

What is an Academic Institution’s Strategic Plan?

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  As a new lecturer at the Institute of Political Science and Governance of the Tallinn University, I was asked (as were the other academic workers of the Institute) to give my opinion on some issues concerning the work of the Institute, as well as on the general University’s Strategic Plan. Such Strategic development aims […]

International Law Teaching Methods

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Those who cannot directly attend the United Nation’s annual general debate may watch the presentations at the United Nations Webcast The videos and / or texts could be used for teaching international law. Actually, every subject has its own teaching methods some of which may and some of which may not be similar to the […]

On Methodologies of Composing Test Questions

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Composing a Multiple-Choice Test is a difficult task, as the students’ results greatly depend on the understandability of the test questions. The same applies towards all examination questions, whether in the form of a test or not. Thus, several methods have been worked out for composing the questions, and there also exist several guidance materials […]

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University of Tartu – European University

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A comment I received today made me think that people may understand things funnily (not the specific commentator). – The day before yesterday I put up a video introducing a German school. Since the video only brings up the dark sides of the school, people usually start asking questions and expect to get to know […]

University of Tartu – Estonia’s National University

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Source: University of Tartu Main Building

Happy having someone who seemed to like my last post, I am writing about my home University today. The University of Tartu was founded in 1632 and was initially named Academia Dorpatensis. The University of Tartu is Estonia’s leading centre of research and training.   Divided into ten faculties and five colleges, the University’s research activities can be […]

Fostering Freedom of Expression and Combating Bureaucracy

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My sister’s husband, Andreas, is a teacher. He and his colleague recently finished a video introducing their school (actually a film about their school): Im Trüben gefischt: My sister Kristina is a teacher, too. The International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED) composed by UNESCO distinguishes between different levels, groups and fields of education: Level 0 – […]

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