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New Request for Advisory Opinion from the ICJ – Judgment No.2867 of the Administrative Tribunal of the International Labour Organization upon a Complaint Filed against the International Fund for Agricultural Development

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The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD – a specialized agency of the UN) has on 26 April 2010 requested for an advisory opinion from the ICJ, concerning the Administrative Tribunal of the International Labour Organization’s judgment. The ICJ’s unofficial Press Release classifies the request as falling „within the framework of a rarely used procedure, […]

On Ensurance of Fair Trial Rights, Negotiation Directives, and Next Steps on Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship

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On 9th March 2010, the European Commission proposed legislation that hopefully helps people exercise their fair trial rights anywhere in the EU when they cannot understand the language of the case: On 17th March 2010, the European Commission proposed negotiation directives for the EU’s accession to the ECHR: On 18th March 2010, Viviane […]

The ECtHR on Conditions in Deportation Centre

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I did recently translate the decision of the ECtHR as to the admissibility of application No. 14160/08 by Sergey Dolinskiy against Estonia, into the Estonian language. This is about a refused request for a residence permit and the subsequent detainment in the Harku deportation centre. The ECtHR refers to another decision in application No. 10664/05 […]

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International /Human Rights/ Law Video Library

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National Human Rights Institutions Forum at NHRIL website

Here is a link to the International Human Rights Law Video Library, and the link to the International Law Video Library. You can find links to the subjects and sources of international law; responsibility for international wrong; peaceful settlement of disputes; sites on disarmament; UN human rights system; regional human rights systems; international criminal law […]

On Interparliamentary Relations

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To create some more order, here are some links to parliaments and their relations in Europe: Interparliamentary websites: COSAC ECPRD – The European Centre for Parliamentary Research and Documentation Council of Europe IPU: Inter-Parliamentary Union ASGP: Association of Secretaries General of Parliaments EP Relations with National Parliaments   Exchanging information among parliaments: IPEX – Interparliamentary EU Information Exchange;jsessionid=86722EDF4D8F90ED0FF1CB8769797C0D Database […]

The ECtHR on Access to Case File

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I just finished translation of the ECtHR’s decision on admissibility of Application no. 42551/98  by Oleg Svinarenkov against Estonia, into the Estonian language. The facts of the case relate to deliberate homicide and unlawful possession of a firearm. The complaint to the ECtHR alleges violation of the following Articles of the European Convention of Human […]

Legal Writing in Action

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  Writing academically, one adds scientific value. In legal writing, one best operates within the existing scientific achievements. Differently from academic writing, legal writing is about composing legal and usually practical documents. The fact that formally legal documents are not academic papers, does not mean that they don’t or shouldn’t have connection with academic research. […]

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On the Cost of Peace

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When I attended the course “United Nations and International Law”, read by Lauri Mälksoo at the University of Tartu, we were shown a film about international conflict resolution, the UN, and the global politics. Unfortunately, I do not remember the name of the film, although I believe that it is quite a well-known one. Though cluster bombs were not […]

On WTO-related Academic Governance

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I am not fully competent to estimate, whether Estonia could have benefited by participation in the particular programme introduced followingly, but it is obvious that the research involving categories of economics (included dissertations on EU competition law, two of which  I have supervised in the University of Tartu that mostly have reflected the facts, case-law, and the Estonian State […]

Worried About Legal Remedies

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Starting with the course “Legal Remedies in Europe” and the new group of students this Thursday at the University of Tartu, I have thoughtfully read Rafal Zakrzewski, Remedies Reclassified (Oxford University Press, 2005). The book bases on the author’s doctoral thesis defended at the Faculty of Law of the University of Oxford. Defining legal remedies, […]

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