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Expression through Begonias

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The flower carpet will be on the Grand Place in Brussels from 12 to 15 August 2010. The theme of the 2010 flower carpet will be the Belgian presidency of the European Union. The first carpet on the Grand Place dates back to 1971. Webcam Brussels Grand Place: The official website of the flower carpet […]

On Ensurance of Fair Trial Rights, Negotiation Directives, and Next Steps on Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship

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On 9th March 2010, the European Commission proposed legislation that hopefully helps people exercise their fair trial rights anywhere in the EU when they cannot understand the language of the case: On 17th March 2010, the European Commission proposed negotiation directives for the EU’s accession to the ECHR: On 18th March 2010, Viviane […]

The Cat is on the Roof – Is It?

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  Setting aside the logical predictability models – What is it that influences our decisionmaking? – Is it our historical and cultural background? Pictures and images in newspapers, at Websites, elsewhere? The people we communicate with? Or the music we hear? All of those? Something else? How much is pure empirical evidence part of even […]

Fostering Freedom of Expression and Combating Bureaucracy

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My sister’s husband, Andreas, is a teacher. He and his colleague recently finished a video introducing their school (actually a film about their school): Im Trüben gefischt: My sister Kristina is a teacher, too. The International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED) composed by UNESCO distinguishes between different levels, groups and fields of education: Level 0 – […]

Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Thought

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as important guarantors of democracy.   The freedom of thought in Article 9 of the ECHR is closely linked to other provisions in the ECHR, one of those being the freedom of expression.   In the ECHR, Article 10 (1) says:   „1. Everyone has the right to freedom of expression. This right shall include […]

The Invisible Gorilla

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I recently read an e-book on Logical Models in Social Sciences, by Rein Taagepera, and thought that since I already started with social policy issues here, and being a lawyer from Estonia, I could introduce the thought of some Estonian authors.   The referred book made me think that if there is an order in […]

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