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Use of Own and Foreign Terms in EU and Global Governance Research

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On the 6th of October 2015, I presented the results of my research about the use of Estonian terms in my PhD Dissertation at the National Library of Estonia, during the X oskuskeelepäev [Xth Day of Language for Professional Use], organized by the Estonian Librarians Association, Estonian Ministry of Education and Researchers under „Eestikeelse terminoloogia […]

On Alternative(s) to Neoliberal Globalization

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On Alternative(s) to Neoliberal Globalization From 17 to 19 June 2015, I attended the 14th Annual Conference of the International Social Theory Consortium (ISTC) “Reconstructing Social Theory, History and Practice” at the University of Cambridge, with presentation “On Alternative(s) to Neoliberal Globalization” on the 17th of June 2015. First, the ISTC conference was about reconstruction, […]

How does Estonia look like in midsummer?

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How does Estonia look like in midsummer? I recently did find the nicest photos about that from one of Evelin Ilves’, the Estonian President’s  wife’s, web pages. As it was technically impossible to refer to that website otherwise, I have made a link to that web page:!/album.php?aid=18620&id=119700418047863&ref=mf Unfortunately, You may first be required to log in to Facebook (after logging […]

The Independence Day of Estonia Concert at the University of York

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Veljo Tormis author CD. Vision of Estonia III at

The Estonian Republic celebrates its’ National Day today. You may go and listen to the Estonian folk music concert at 7.30 pm today, at Sir Jack Lyons Concert Hall, where Veljo Tormis‘ music is played under the heading „Forgotten Peoples“. The composer Veljo Tormis is to attend the concert. Take a closer look at

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Human Rights and Politics – On Political Declination of the Content of Human Rights

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The Call for Papers to the 4th ESIL Biennial Conference “International Law 1989 – 2010: A Performance Appraisal” that will be held in Cambridge, England, on 2 – 4 September 2010 was closed at midnight. I presented an abstract to be considered under the Agora 7: Human Rights: “Understanding Human Rights and European Values”. This […]

Introduction to Critical Legal Theory

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With the aim to get better picture of modernism and postmodernism, I am reading I, Ward, „Introduction to Critical Legal Theory“. Cavendish Publishing, 2004, which book talks about development of legal thought from modernity to postmodernism. The book talks of development of the society as a network of relations that are nothing other than their communicative content, and discusses, whether […]

The Constitutive Outside

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Source: Website of Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

I was reading M. Peters, M. Olssen, C. Lankshear, „Futures of Critical Theory. Dreams of Difference. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc., 2003, and specifically the work: Gert J. J. Biesta, „Jacques Derrida: Deconstruction = Justice“ in that book. This is about the nonpresent making the presence of what is present possible (and at the same […]

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