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On the Possibility to Reach Consensus

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My “little” sister Kristina married Andreas in 1995. The couple has three wonderful children – Solveig, Karolin and Sebastian. Each of them is a person. But persons tend to have their personal opinions on how things are and ought to be. Sometimes I wonder how does this three-headed group reach consensus.       An […]

Unity in Diversity

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Oatmeal cookies (K a e r a küpsised) – a recipe from Estonian cuisine for Sunday evening. Ingredients 1,5 dl porridge oats 1 dl flour 1,5 cup brown sugar 1 dl honey 2 tbs butter, softened 2 egg whites 1 tbs milk 1 cup dried apple pieces   Method Mix butter, sugar and honey until fluffy. […]

The Common Frame of Reference and Consciousness?

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It is Sunday today – traditionally a day for reflection and Family, and I thought I should put up my Granny’s picture.   Agnes Tomson, born Kösta in 1905, died in 2003 (the year I graduated from the LL.M. Programme at the University of Helsinki), she lived her whole life at countryside in Central Estonia. Having lost her […]

European Values – Freedom of Thought, Conscience and Religion

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  The ECHR contains important values for the whole Europe. If one thinks backwards, about the time, when the ECHR was composed – Europe had just emerged from the war – the European leaders wished to create a system, which would prevent such a war from happening again. They thought that the ECHR could be […]

Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Thought

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as important guarantors of democracy.   The freedom of thought in Article 9 of the ECHR is closely linked to other provisions in the ECHR, one of those being the freedom of expression.   In the ECHR, Article 10 (1) says:   „1. Everyone has the right to freedom of expression. This right shall include […]

Invincible in Language and Mind

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An excerpt of my article, “Private Law Consciousness of the Estonian Nation in the Pre-Statehood and Early Post-Statehood Periods. Some Legal Problems Related to Transformation of Societies and Law Reforms”:   “[t]he concept of law also embraces understanding of law. In turn understanding of law is related to language, whereas development of legal language is […]

The Invisible Gorilla

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I recently read an e-book on Logical Models in Social Sciences, by Rein Taagepera, and thought that since I already started with social policy issues here, and being a lawyer from Estonia, I could introduce the thought of some Estonian authors.   The referred book made me think that if there is an order in […]

Visible and Invisible Hand in the Society

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The last article I read that made me think was Donald J. Kochan’s “Black Tuesday and The Graying of the Legitimacy of Governmental Intervention: When Tomorrow is Just a Future Yesterday” at The Social Science Research Network Electronic Paper Collection.   Why did this article make me think? At page 3 the author states that people […]

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