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A Kind of a New Beginning – A New Course on EU Law

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Despite of all, the course “EU Law” begins today at the Tallinn University, stimulating the basic concepts and developments in the English language. Due to the Lisbon reform, there are only two main “textbooks” for the course, in addition to the TFEU and TEU: ● Craig, Paul; De Búrca, Gráinne. EU Law. Text, Cases and Materials. […]

On Ancient Symbols

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I found this picture from the yesterday’s NYT. I am going to write some day what that picture reminds me. The Picture reminds me of a former priest in Tarvastu (Mustla) in Estonia, with whom I studied theology. She has lived her life in the most honest and ethical way one could imagine, honouring the inner values (and […]

Seminars on Non-Judicial Remedies

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I am going to conduct the 8th and 9th seminar under the course “Legal Remedies in Europe” on non-judicial remedies given by the European Commission in the areas of EU competition law (antitrust, mergers, cartels) and state aid law today evening at the University of Tartu. After these two seminars, we have only seven seminars […]

International Law in Cairo

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I unfortunately did not notice earlier, but the Faculty of Law of the University of Zurich in cooperation with the University in Cairo (AUC) is holding a summer program in international law in Cairo in five modules: Islamic and Middle Eastern Law,  Financial Market Law, International Criminal Law, Human Rights Law, and Comparative Private Law, from 12 to 15 July […]

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New Law Books

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Most people probably know, but for the new students who might not know two links to the newest and most recently reviewed EU law books, and international law books.   Tort: Workbook, Virtual Pack 2010, by Riley, Leon; Turner, Chris. Source: Hammicks Legal Bookshops.

Some Sunday Fun

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The International Law Prof Blog has put up a refreshing video headed: “Why people don’t walk cats” (here downloaded from Youtube): Whereas the Centre of European Law of the University of London has put up a new list of upcoming events.(L.W.)

EU Policymaking and Science

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I found an interesting page from EurActiv about expertise-based EU policymaking. What is expert-policymaking? You can read about it at Though the point that Edward Schiappa makes in the already referred in this blog: Defining Reality: Definitions and the Politics of Meaning (Carbondale: Southern Illinois University Press, 2003) is that politics always is declined.

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It was the final deadline today to submit article proposals to one of the most prestigeous Estonian peer-reviewed journals “Riigikogu Toimetised” (could be translated as The Parliament’s Editions, although the name in the Estonian language of the Estonian Parliament is Riigikogu). Having felt neglected for quite a while, I submitted 8 proposals as follows: “Human […]

Values on the Table

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The Estonian lawyers have kindly been invited to attend a rather academic club event at the Tartu Café Vilde tonight. Although all lawyers are invited, I do somehow not feel much waited for. Why do I feel insecure – only because of my beautiful bright eyes, looking into which people feel home?

Sharing Teaching Materials?

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The ASIL Teaching International Law Interest Group, in cooperation with the Society’s Legal Education Advisory Committee, has created a trial compilation of teaching materials on a limited number of international law topics. The materials are available at   How to approach such sharing? Wouldn’t it be plagiarism if a lecturer uses other lecturer’s teaching […]

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