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Some Sunday Fun

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The International Law Prof Blog has put up a refreshing video headed: “Why people don’t walk cats” (here downloaded from Youtube): Whereas the Centre of European Law of the University of London has put up a new list of upcoming events.(L.W.)

EU Policymaking and Science

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I found an interesting page from EurActiv about expertise-based EU policymaking. What is expert-policymaking? You can read about it at Though the point that Edward Schiappa makes in the already referred in this blog: Defining Reality: Definitions and the Politics of Meaning (Carbondale: Southern Illinois University Press, 2003) is that politics always is declined.

The Independence Day of Estonia Concert at the University of York

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Veljo Tormis author CD. Vision of Estonia III at

The Estonian Republic celebrates its’ National Day today. You may go and listen to the Estonian folk music concert at 7.30 pm today, at Sir Jack Lyons Concert Hall, where Veljo Tormis‘ music is played under the heading „Forgotten Peoples“. The composer Veljo Tormis is to attend the concert. Take a closer look at

Legal Writing in Action

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  Writing academically, one adds scientific value. In legal writing, one best operates within the existing scientific achievements. Differently from academic writing, legal writing is about composing legal and usually practical documents. The fact that formally legal documents are not academic papers, does not mean that they don’t or shouldn’t have connection with academic research. […]

On the Cost of Peace

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When I attended the course “United Nations and International Law”, read by Lauri Mälksoo at the University of Tartu, we were shown a film about international conflict resolution, the UN, and the global politics. Unfortunately, I do not remember the name of the film, although I believe that it is quite a well-known one. Though cluster bombs were not […]

On Theories – Where Do They Come From?

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A rhetorical question that may be asked about every human activity is – Whether such activity adds value, or is such activity the next something that is going to shade or even harm the existing values? In that context, one may ask, what could be the values brought back to Estonia by the pupils and students […]

On WTO-related Academic Governance

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I am not fully competent to estimate, whether Estonia could have benefited by participation in the particular programme introduced followingly, but it is obvious that the research involving categories of economics (included dissertations on EU competition law, two of which  I have supervised in the University of Tartu that mostly have reflected the facts, case-law, and the Estonian State […]

On the Role of Scholars and European Company Law

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Estonian national values. Source: The Estonian National Library’s souvenir shop

I have revived the new semester’s kick off, and had time to think of the role of practitioners and academicians, in connection with my previous posting, and previously worded thoughts about participation of academicians in the events organized by EIPA, ERA, etc. that are primarily directed towards the practising lawyers. On one hand – it is […]

Worried About Legal Remedies

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Starting with the course “Legal Remedies in Europe” and the new group of students this Thursday at the University of Tartu, I have thoughtfully read Rafal Zakrzewski, Remedies Reclassified (Oxford University Press, 2005). The book bases on the author’s doctoral thesis defended at the Faculty of Law of the University of Oxford. Defining legal remedies, […]


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It was the final deadline today to submit article proposals to one of the most prestigeous Estonian peer-reviewed journals “Riigikogu Toimetised” (could be translated as The Parliament’s Editions, although the name in the Estonian language of the Estonian Parliament is Riigikogu). Having felt neglected for quite a while, I submitted 8 proposals as follows: “Human […]

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