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Beyond Structured Normativity – On International Relations, Marc Augé and Non-Places

Jaanika Erne |

Working with materials for the course „External Relations of the European Union“ and attending Tallinn University Academy’s for graduates of the Gymnasiums course „International Relations 2012“ I had to think how to define international relations. Being a graduate of Univerity of Helsinki LL.M Programme in PIL with political scientist supervision, and having read a number […]

Pick of Recent Books that Most Probably Influence the Academic Thought

Jaanika Erne |

I was recently asked which book would I recommend to be translated into the Estonian language. The Bible and Qur’an having already been translated, I recommended (and what else to do if your freedom of movement is constrained) the following books. To the list you could also add the books that have helped you to […]

On Hiding One’s Identity and History being Still Silent about That – Lake Nasser in Action

Jaanika Erne |

These days one may read about Darfur conflict and humanitarian crisis, Chad-Sudan conflict, Islamization of Africa as political determination of it, Red Sea borders with Saudi-Arabia of States in Africa (Egypt, Sudan, Eritrea, (Ethiopia)), economic relations of this area with China, pharmaceutical factory at Khartoum, UN action and organizations in Sudan, influence of imperialism and […]

Ideological Basis of Accountability and Review of the EU Institutions

Jaanika Erne |

I had the possibility to open a new course HOL6026 „Accountability and Review of the EU Institutions“ at the Tallinn University of Technology yesterday (15th of February) which course addresses mainly three aspects of accountability – 1) political accountability, 2) judicial review and 3) administrative supervision of EU institutions, bodies, and agencies. The course is […]

Human Rights in the Context of Changes in the World Order

Jaanika Erne |

In the end of the year people tend to reflect on the passed year. I chose to reflect the main ideas expressed by me at a lecture about human rights that I read to my students on the 18th of November 2011 at the University of Tartu which lecture partly reflected on my participation at […]

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