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Foreign Direct Investment International Arbitration Moot and Ideological Dominance

Jaanika Erne |

From 4 to 6 November 2011, King’s College London hosts International Moot on Foreign Direct Investment where I as a Visiting Researcher with my remedies topic can participate. The Moot consists of symposium in defining investments and investors in investor State arbitration (Prof. Guido Carducci) and the relevance of customary international law in investor State arbitration […]

How History Treats You - The Rise and Fall of Leaders

Jaanika Erne |

The 20th of October 2011 will be remembered as the beginning of the Third Industrial Revolution – the day before the day of launching the two first Galileo satellites but also as the day of Muammar Gathafi’s execution. Now when the Coalition forces have destroyed Gathafi the primary task of policy analysts is to ask how to go further from […]

On Religious Foundation - Updated!

Jaanika Erne |

I attended the first academic lecture “What is the Bible?” under the Associate of King’s College London Course 2011-2012 for General Studies Michaelmas Semester lectures “The Bible, Literature, Artefact, Scripture” on the 3rd of October 2011. The lecture was given by Revd. Professor Richard Burridge, Dean of King’s College London. What is it all about? – […]

Balanced or Imbalanced Europe in Global Politics?

Jaanika Erne |

As an early birthday gift, I was registered as a visiting researcher at King’s College London yesterday. Connected with that I attended the Jean Monnet Centre of excellence Annual Lecture “The Shattering of Illusions – And What Next?” by Jean Monnet Professor of European Organization, and President of the Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy Loukas Tsoukalis (University of […]

33rd anniversary of Camp David Accords

Jaanika Erne |

Robert Satloff writes in article published on 15th September 2011 “Needed: High Level U.S. Attention to the Dire Situation in Egypt” that “Everything America has accomplished in the Middle East during the last thirty years has been built on the foundation of the Camp David Accords and the transformation of Egypt from Soviet client to […]

Conference "20 Years of [Estonian] Independence"

Jaanika Erne |

Estonia regained independence 20 years ago and Tallinn University is hosting a conference from the 22nd to 23rd of August 2011 “20 Years of Independence“. This is a social sciences conference and the key presenters are Professor Pjotr Sztompka (Jagiellonian University, Poland) who is going to talk about: “The Dilemmas and Ambivalences of Post-Communist Era”; Mikko Lagerspetz […]

Nordic Political Science Congress at Åbo Akademi Vaasa

Jaanika Erne |

From 9 to 12 August 2011 I participated in the XVI Nordic Political Science Congress at Abo Akademi at Vaasa (Finland). The Congress website is here: http://www.nopsa2011.abo.fi/english.html   Although meant more for political science associations from Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Iceland, I found many Estonian delegates – Kadri Simm (University of Tartu) with presentation “Nordic Reflections in the […]

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