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Book Review. Nicola Casarini. Remaking Global Order. Oxford University Press, 2010

Jaanika Erne |

I recently wrote a book review: Nicola Casarini. Remaking Global Order. The Evolution of Europe-China Relations and its Implications for East Asia and the United States. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2010. Pp. 344. ISBN: 978-0-19-956007-3 As I am expecting the book review to be published (I myself would really more elaborate on the style of the review), […]

A New Article on Estonian Private Law Reforms in Nordic Journal of International Law

Jaanika Erne |

Nordic Journal of International Law No. 4, 2010   has published Jaanika Erne’s article: “Political and Legal Problems Related to Estonian Private Law Reforms Prior to the Formal Statehood Period and during the Early Formal Statehood Period”, pp. 543.562. What is the article about? – The article is about some problems related to harmonization of Estonian private law prior […]

About Methodology of a Learning Object

Jaanika Erne |

I just finished writing a methodology of a learning object “Protection of Human Rights in the CJEU”. Welcome are all suggestions for improvement! “The learning object forms part of the Faculty of Law’s course OIAO.07.052 “Protection of Human Rights under EU Law” and is addressed to undergraduate and graduate students from the University of Tartu […]

27th Annual Report on Monitoring the Application of EU Law (2009)

Jaanika Erne |

On 1st of October 2010, the Commission has given the COM(2010) 538 final with its Report Monitoring the Application of EU Law (2009). What does the Report say? Basing on COM(2007)502 Communication from the Commission – A Europe of Results – Applying Community Law, and the modified by the TEU and the TFEU competences of […]

The ECtHR on the complaints related to the "Bronze Night" in Tallinn in 2007

Jaanika Erne |

I was offered editing of the partial decision of the European Court of Human Rights as to the admissibility of Application no. 10195/08 by Aleksandr Korobov and Others vs. Estonia, decision of 14 September 2010, concerning alleged violations of Article 3 and 13; Article 5 (1), (2) and (5); Article 6; Article 6 (1); Article 14 in […]

The Fundamental Human Rights: An Islamic Perspective

Jaanika Erne |

Searching for articles about human rights for the course “Protection of Human Rights under EU Law”, I did find an article written by Mohamed Berween (2002) “The Fundamental Human Rights: An Islamic Perspective“ 1 The International Journal of Human Rights, 61-78. Mohamed Berween distinguishes between ten rights in Islam (Islam being the second major religion in […]

The XXXI Estonian Lawyers' Days

Jaanika Erne |

Today, I attended the sessions under the XXXI Estonian Lawyers’ Days that take place in Tartu (Vanemuise Concert Hall, and Domus Dorpatensis) from 30 September to 1 October 2010. The idea is that the lawyers gather once every two years and discuss the most important at that time legal and policy problems. It has been […]

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