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Governance in European Legal Education with the Help of E-learning Facilities

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E-learning development has been actual in Estonia during the last years. E-learning works through different educational levels and for teaching different subjects. E-learning facilitates distance learning and multi-level communication among the teachers and learners of a certain subject (that way even coordination of the work of thematic networks is possible, as indicated in the Strategy […]

New Request for Advisory Opinion from the ICJ – Judgment No.2867 of the Administrative Tribunal of the International Labour Organization upon a Complaint Filed against the International Fund for Agricultural Development

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The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD – a specialized agency of the UN) has on 26 April 2010 requested for an advisory opinion from the ICJ, concerning the Administrative Tribunal of the International Labour Organization’s judgment. The ICJ’s unofficial Press Release classifies the request as falling „within the framework of a rarely used procedure, […]

Europe Day Visions

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For quite a long time, I was thinking what to write for Europe Day, and whether or not should I accept the editors’ of invitation to share my visions for the future of Europe on the My Europe Week blog. So that my contribution could make difference. For the readers of my blog, I […]

External Representation of the EU Post-Lisbon

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Preparing the next lecture for the general course in EU law about the External Relations of the EU, I found a link to the T.C.M. Asser Instituut, where I found the Calendar of Events of the Asser Instituut that could be of wider interest I have thought to cover the following problems: • The […]

Two Individual Lectures in EU Law

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I finally have put up links to the videos of my two recent lectures in EU Law. The first one was held on 19 April 2010, and was about Free Movement of Persons: The second one was held on 26 April 2010 about Free Movement of Capital: I am reading the course in EU […]


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I thought that this could be of interest that the 4th International Conference on eDemocracy 2010 will be held in Danube-University Krems from 6 to 7 May 2010. Link to the detailed Conference Programme: I imagine the topic being connected also with access to internet, because access to e-voting and e-government, as access to e-election […]

New Sample Case on EU Anti-Discrimination Law

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After having used some model cases used in the PG. Programme in EU law of the London King’s College in my EU Law seminars, I finally (anew) built up “my own” case on EU anti-discrimination law that seems quite usable: A female employee was on leave from work on grounds of sickness. While she was […]


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Ralf Grahn refers in his blog to the UK House of Commons Library Note: The European Union: a guide to terminology, procedures and sources (Standard Note SN/IA/3689; last updated 24 March 2010; 14 pages; authors Vaughne Miller and Emma Clark): In addition to answering the questions, EC or EU law? Treaty of Rome or […]

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