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Library of the European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder) - Updated

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Some interesting law books available at the library of the European University Viadrina, not available in the University of Tartu Library that could be quite are heavy for ordering: International Encyclopedia of Laws Law in radically different cultures West Publishing Co, 1983 Comparative Law Yearbook Certain volumes of International Encyclopedia of Comparative Law Martindale Hubbell […]

A New Article on Primary and Secondary Law-making in the EU in Trames

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A new article J. Erne, “Primary and secondary law-making in the renewed EU” has appeared in the journal of the humanities and social sciences „Trames“, Vol. 14, Issue 3, 2010, pp. 250-270. Abstract The aim of the article is to explain the renewed primary and secondary law-making in the EU context. The article defines international treaties […]

Selective Summarizing Book Review: P. Birkinshaw, M. Varney (eds.), The European Union Legal Order after Lisbon. Kluwer, 2010

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Enjoying the possibility to order EU law and international law books for the Tallinn University Library, one of the books I selected was P. Birkinshaw, M. Varney (eds.), The European Union Legal Order after Lisbon (Austin, Boston, Chicago, New York, The Netherlands: Kluwer Law International, 2010), published in the series European Monographs, being the 70th title in this […]

Questionnaire for the COSAC 14th Report

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The questionnaire for the COSAC 14th Report is also available. Some questions seem quite difficult to answer, and they generally touch the following areas: ● Sustainable development in the EUROPE 2020 Strategy (worked out in collaboration with the Belgian Federal Council on Sustainable Development); ● Parliamentary Scrutiny of the Common Security and Defence Policy; ● […]

Expression through Begonias

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The flower carpet will be on the Grand Place in Brussels from 12 to 15 August 2010. The theme of the 2010 flower carpet will be the Belgian presidency of the European Union. The first carpet on the Grand Place dates back to 1971. Webcam Brussels Grand Place: http://www.ilotsacre.be/images/webcam/webcam.htm The official website of the flower carpet […]

The 13th COSAC Report

Jaanika Erne |

As I did already begin listing the EU’s strategy documents here, I would next add a link to the 13th Bi-annual Report of COSAC: “Developments in European Union Procedures and Practices Relevant to Parliamentary Scrutiny“, which document adds to democratic accountability, and dates back to May-June 2010. This document reflects the changes made by the Treaty […]

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